Company Profile



Hsin Huan Co. Ltd. was founded in 1984, manufacturer of Ladder String, Cord and Ladder Tape for window blinds. We have been engaged in this field for almost 40 years and our products have been sold to over 35 countries. We developed a strong reputation in the global cord market and provide the best product and service to customers.


We believe as an enterprise should take lead in protecting environmental resources to achieve the goal of sustainable operation. We use scientific techniques of disposal and waste management to meet the environmental regulations, and ensure that the commitment towards environmental protection is shared by all the employees. 


First, we continue to develop good quality of raw material to increase production yield. Second, we keep improving our automation equipments to achieve process standardization in order control quality and productivity. Third, we fully cooperate with customer to find a better product with the best price to compete in the market.


Customer is not just supply and demand relationship for us. We are more than happy to listen and communicate with each other like friends. We are valued every customer relationship. We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity in order to keep strong and long-lasting relationships based on trust.